David DePrez has served with enthusiasm for his subject matter at The Academy for nine years.

He is a graduate of Oregon State University with a Bachelor of Science in Botany, a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies, and a Bachelor of Science in Science Education.  He has also earned forty graduate semester hours in continuing science education collectively from University of California, Davis, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champagne, University of Chicago, and Princeton University, and  he maintains an Illinois Standard Teaching Certificate. He is the former chair of eight years at a Chicago-area high school and of five years at a parochial college preparatory school in California. DePrez loves to lead students toward scientific literacy utilizing a variety of laboratory and field experiences (which in the past has included gathering data in forest preserves for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and visiting human cadaver labs). At The Academy, DePrez leads students in the examination of field specimens gathered from the Chicago River watershed in preparation for designing more adequate natural area preserves,  and in gathering car exhaust in pursuit of a thorough understanding of rapid global climate change. Lately he has developed curriculum in the manipulation and analysis of real DNA. He urges students to lean into subject matter, attaching societal issues to each unit of study, including the US obesity epidemic, the real possibility of human cloning, and the loss of biodiversity worldwide through deforestation and exotic invasive species. DePrez finds working with artistic students fascinating and endeavors to “blind them with science” (apologies to Thomas Dolby) so that they can better see with art.

2017-2018 Courses

Freshman Biology

Sophomore Biology

Anatomy and Physiology