I believe in helping others and making this world a better place.”

As a native of Barcelona, Spain, Patricia Kostantaras has lived in the United States for the past sixteen years and has worked as a foreign language teacher in school districts in the country.

She previously taught at The Boston Arts Academy and her experiences both there and at The Chicago Academy for the Arts have provided her tremendous insight into how the arts can impact students' lives. She is excited to make a difference in The Academy students’ lives as a language teacher by opening their horizons and making them more proficient in the Spanish culture and language.

Kostantaras is passionate for the arts herself, studying both flamenco dance and modernist painting, and growing up in a household with a painter father and pianist brother. As such, she believes that the arts are integral to students' education, both on personal and professional levels, helping them to see and appreciate the world in a more significant way.

Kostantaras fashions herself as a believer, saying, "I believe in helping others and making this world a better place.  Sponsoring an Indian family economically for the past six years, volunteering occasionally at area homeless shelters, and running the Boston Marathon to raise funds for a former school (Boston Arts Academy) represent three of the most meaningful things that I have committed to. Moreover, I believe in our school’s mission: transforming emerging artists through a curriculum and culture which connect intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity to impart skills to lead and collaborate across diverse communities."

2016-2017 Courses

Spanish 1, 2, 3, and 4

AP Spanish