Tuition and Financial Aid

We are committed to making an Academy Education accessible to families from all backgrounds, regardless of financial means, and will work closely with each family to assist in this process.

Tuition and Fees Estimator


Tuition and Fees 2016 — 2017

Tuition at The Academy is largely dependent on a family's gross income and level of need. Below you'll find information on tuition assistance. Give us a call and we'd be happy to walk you through it! 312.421.0202.

Base tuition is $26,450, and certain fees may apply for individual art departments. Fees vary by program and range from approximately $3000-$5000. 

The Academy awards just over $1 million in financial assistance each year. The average award for the 2016-2017 school year was $15,000, and approximately 60% of the student body receives some sort of assistance. 

Tuition Assistance

Need-Based Tuition Assistance: Need-based assistance is based on the demonstrated financial need of a family and helps defray the cost of attendance for those students who could not otherwise afford to attend. Demonstrated need is assessed directly through FACTS Tuition Aid. Eligibility is determined by comparing what a family can be expected to pay with the cost of tuition.

Families must apply online through

The Academy’s need-based program has a limited budget. While we strive to provide assistance to all families who qualify, we can never guarantee assistance to any family. The Academy believes that parents have an obligation to contribute to the educational expenses of their children and therefore expects every family to have exhausted all financing avenues.

In determining tuition assistance, the committee considers a number of factors including whether a family owns real estate or other significant investments, lifestyle choices (including, but not limited to, stay-at-home parents and discretionary spending such as vacations), other possible sources of tuition funding including grandparents, tuitions paid by families in similar financial situations, and additional factors provided by families.

Tuition estimation is from average ranges of calculated FACTS Tuition Aid. Therefore, it is not indicative of the exact tuition your family can expect to pay, or the aid you may receive.