The Chicago Academy for the Arts Alumni Grant Program supports the work of Academy alums by providing funding that:

  1. Supports artists in the creation and exhibition/production/performance/etcetera of compelling, meaningful, and impactful work; and/or
  2. Supports projects that serve communities in a manner that utilizes an alum’s Academy education. (Please note that projects do not have to be arts specific in nature.)

Alums may apply for a $500 grant by Wednesday, August 1. We will distribute up to five grants (though we are committed to increasing this budget in future years as the program gains momentum). Proposals selected to receive funding will be announced at our Alumni Party on Thursday, August 9. RSVP below!

Submission guidelines are as follows:

  • Proposals should consist of a 1-3 page narrative that describes the project’s purpose and timeline, its main contributors, and the desired outcome. Additionally, the proposal should include the submitter’s resume (and the qualifications of all primary contributors), the project’s total budget, and any sources of additional funding or revenue.
  • Proposals do not need to be arts specific in nature. However, all proposals should explain how the project will draw upon one’s Academy education and experience.
  • Proposals may not conflict with The Academy’s mission or operations.
  • Proposals must be submitted via email by August 1 to Projects selected to receive funding will be announced on August 9.

Please direct any questions to Jason Patera at

Academy Alumni Party RSVP - August 9th