To which department should I apply?

To which department should I apply?


Because a goal of The Academy is a student’s conservatory placement in college, it is truly important to pick one area of concentration. However, we do provide arts electives to juniors and seniors. During the six periods of academics, each arts department offers a course (ranging from Studio Art and Acting for Non-Majors to Film Production and Music Theory).

Students may shadow in multiple departments to help aid in their decision. Please complete the online application and contact the Admissions Office to schedule an Arts Shadow Day.

However, when choosing an arts department, keep these points in mind:

1. Musical Theatre involves elements of singing, acting, and dance. Students will need to display an interest and talent in all three areas. The Theatre Department is primarily concerned with acting, directing, and production.

2. The Music Department has two distinct paths: vocal and instrumental. The Department focuses only on classical and jazz music. Every student takes classes in piano.

3. The Media Arts Department is for writers, filmmakers, and animators looking to tell a story. Applicants concerned over whether to apply to Visual Arts or Media Arts should ask whether they are interested in storytelling. Animation students take classes in Visual Arts, so they are not giving up drawing if they choose this department. Students interested in fashion should choose the Visual Arts department.

4. While the Dance program is largely focused on ballet, your audition does not need to be in that discipline. Audition with whatever style of dance in which you are most comfortable.

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