Visual Arts

The Visual Arts Summer Program mirrors the Academy Visual Arts Department’s curriculum and will pair teaching traditional techniques with contemporary art making practices. The week will have a dual focus on developing fundamental skills along with introducing new ways to explore and experiment with different ideas and mediums.

Mornings will concentrate on drawing, while the afternoons will offer students the choice between two studio workshops: Painting or Expanded Art and Sculpture.

Special activities will include a museum visit to discuss and emphasize the connections between art history and contemporary art. The week will culminate in an exhibition of the student work in our department’s galleries.

This program is a perfect opportunity for students of various levels of experience – from those who may have had few formal classes, to those who already have a developed interest – to further discover and challenge their potential and passion for making art.

By Olivia Mulholland (Visual Arts ‘18)

By Olivia Mulholland (Visual Arts ‘18)