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Student-Composed Opera: Blue Glare

The Music Department Opera Team presents Blue Glare. Tickets below!


Julia Borrelli
Karen Szczech
Mallory Pargulski
Isabelle Gillman
Joseph Dockery

Performed by Ensemble Dal Niente


Scene One: Blair, a former hair salon owner, is in prison for a computer misuse crime she is not sure she committed. Anna, her prison guard, shows her no sympathy and puts her in solitary confinement.

Scene Two: Blair, overcome with emotion in solitary confinement, hallucinates. Her hallucination combines the prison and computers, a recipe for Blair’s worst nightmare. Blair begins to understand how she may have accidentally committed the hacking crime.

Scene Three: Blair meets with her public defender, Cole, to whom she attempts to explain her side of the story. Unfortunately, Cole’s level-headedness prohibits him from fully understanding Blair’s point of view, and he leaves with little hope in his client.

Scene Four: An overwhelmed Blair hallucinates yet again. This time, her hallucination takes place at her hair salon but on another planet. The computers explode and repeat a strange message to her, allowing Blair to get closer to finding her alibi.

Scene Five: Cole decides to visit the scene of the crime: the hair salon. There, it seems that Blair’s hallucination becomes a reality. Cole begins to think that Blair might not be crazy after all…

Scene Six: Blair and Cole meet again at prison. Blair explains what she learned from hallucinations, while Cole builds a defense for her.

Scene Seven: Anna receives a phone call and is told to free Blair. Blair, in disbelief, must begin to rebuild her life.

Poster by Cleo Junker

Later Event: May 1
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