Dance Audition Requirements


The Dance Department audition involves an hour long group class that focuses on both ballet and jazz. This is followed by a solo audition in the style of the applicants' choice and an interview with the Dance Department Faculty.


  • Group Class
    Be prepared to take a large group class focused on barre work, ballet, and jazz.
  • Solo Audition
    Prepare a one to two minute solo routine in ballet, jazz, modern, or any dance form that best represents your talent. Bring your own accompaniment on an iPod, CD or cassette. Please have music cued prior to your audition.
  • Department Interview
    Be prepared to have an interview with the Dance Department faculty following your solo. Questions that may be asked include: Who choreographed your solo? Why did you select this dance style? Be ready to discuss your past dance experience.

Dance Attire

  • Dress in suitable, clean dance attire.
  • Ladies
    Black leotards, black or pink tights, ballet slippers
  • Gentlemen
    White t-shirt, black tights, ballet slippers
  • No sweatshirts/sweatpants and no baggy shorts
  • No jewelry 

Printable Audition Requirements

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