Dance Audition Requirements


The Dance Department audition involves an hour-long group class that focuses on both ballet and jazz. This is followed by a solo audition in the style of the applicant’s choice and an interview with the Dance Department faculty.


  1. Group Class: Be prepared to take a large group class focused on barre work, ballet, and jazz.

  2. Solo Audition: Prepare a one-to-two minute solo routine in ballet, jazz, modern, or a dance form that is representative of your talent. Bring your own music accompaniment on your phone, iPod, or CD. Please have music cued prior to your audition.

  3. Department Interview: Be prepared to have an interview with Dance Department faculty following your solo. Questions that may be asked include: Who choreographed your solo? Why did you select this dance style? Be ready to discuss your past dance experience.


  • Dress in suitable, clean dance attire.

    • Ladies: black leotards, black or pink tights, ballet slippers

    • Gentlemen: white t-shirt, black tights, ballet slippers

  • No sweatshirts/sweatpants and no baggy pants