Dance Students with Harris Theater Choreographer in Residence Brian Brooks

Yesterday at The Academy dancers had the privilege to learn from Harris Theater choreographer in residence Brian Brooks. Mr. Brooks is working with Academy dancers to create an original work for the Dance Department.

Mr. Brooks will be back at The Academy for extended residencies in March and late April, where he and the students will work on pieces for the Harris Theater’s Mix at Six series on May 3, 2017, and the Academy Spring Dance Concert in late April at the Athenaeum Theatre. 

Brooks’ newest work, Terrain premieres as part of Hubbard Street Dance Chicago’s Season 39 Fall Series on November 17-20.

In Terrain, conflict and collaboration coexist in a shared, intimate space. Hubbard Street Dance Chicago’s 17 impeccable dancers move as if propelled by diametric forces, resistant yet inextricably linked. Shockwaves spread like currents as the group continuously folds in upon itself, reshaping and redirecting energy in an ever-changing tableau that reveals startling moments of individualism and collectivism. A bold mix of sounds, including Todd Reynolds’ propulsive, electronic re-composition of Terry Riley’s classic minimalist score In C, heightens the inherent tension in this intriguing premiere.

Check back for more updates on this exciting collaboration!