Hear from Music Department Chair Rose Colella!

5 Tips for a Successful Academy Music Audition

By Rose Colella

1. Be familiar with the specific requirements. Make sure you review what the audition requirements are, and if you have any questions, ASK! The Music Department has different requirements for different instruments. Make sure you are prepared for the instrument for which you will be auditioning (including voice).

2. Be professional. Walk into the room ready to shake hands with the faculty, introduce yourself, and present your material in a poised, mature fashion.  

3. If you feel nervous, just remember: we WANT you to succeed! We have all had to audition for things ourselves (and still do!), so we know how difficult it might seem. We are on your side, and can't wait to hear the beautiful music you create!

4. Be open. Be ready to answer some basic questions about why you want to study at The Academy and what your aspirations are. We want to know who you are, and what drives you as a musician. Each musician at The Academy has different talents, goals, and interests. Make sure you make yours clear.

5. Take lessons to prepare for your audition! Guidance from a music teacher will increase your preparedness by leaps and bounds, and they can help you make sure you are fulfilling the audition requirements to the best of your ability.