Music Department Spring Opera "Dragonfruit"

A few photos from the Music Department's student-composed Spring Opera Dragonfruit

Synopsis: In the midst of searching for her missing daughter and contending with her job as an Uber driver, Mary Thompson comes across a stray dragon in the backseat of her car. Mary then discovers that this dragon has a secret that turns her already strange day on its head. She is thrust into the truth of her daughter Jennifer’s disappearance, a mysterious tattoo, and strange pizza toppings.

Elisa Sutherland- mezzo

Natalie Colas- soprana

Jessica Aszodi - soprano

Jacob Harpster- percussionist

Weston Olencki- trombone

Written by Elenna Sindler (Opera Captain)

Daphne Thomas - Music Director

Julia Borrelli - Publicist

Karen Szczech - Assistant Music Director

Jesse Langen - Composition Instructor

Thank you to Andy Robinson for making the car.

Photos by Thomas Mohr Photography.