What To Know About The Academy Music Department

What To Know About The Academy Music Department

by Julia Borrelli (Music '17)

1. As an Academy Music student, you have to be true to yourself. Always keep in mind what your passion is, and know that the end goal of a successful performance is so much greater than the tedious practicing you do everyday. In summary, practice makes perfect!

2. We are very energetic! Always bring a positive attitude and keep in mind this is your professional community. The more you are a part of the community, and the harder you work at maintaining these relationships, the more positivity you contribute. In turn, your personal experience is so much better.


3. Try new areas of focus. The Academy Music Department has a lot to offer. When realistically, you eventually focus the majority of your practice time on one area of music (jazz, classical, or composition), taking the electives offered not only expose you to new experiences, and maybe a new favorite musical focus, but you can only get better at your instrument by learning more music!

4. Be on time. To maximize your rehearsal time, make sure you are on time. The last thing you want is to waste your teachers’ and peers’ rehearsal time. To do so, staying focused 100% during school is important. Even during breaks, try to keep in mind what is coming next.

5. However, make sure to have fun! Making yourself stressed out is not the goal. This is a demanding high school, but you need to make sure you find time for yourself! Go see shows, have fun composing music, or jam with other friends. Make sure to explore Chicago's music community. We live in such an amazing city with such an interesting music scene, and engulfing yourself within it will not only make you a better musician, but will allow you to create professional connections and new friends!

Photo by Thomas Mohr Photography.