"If Humans Could Fly"

If you have been around the Academy community for even a short period of time, you are sure to have noticed the work of Thomas Mohr Photography. Tom and Liz (Academy Dean of Students) are alumni parents to Brendan (Music '07) and Colin (Music '13), and have been vital members of this school for over 10 years.

"If Humans Could Fly" is a podcast with Tom conducted and created by another alumni parent who, in recent years, has been a special part of the Academy community. Gary Ricke of Orbis Design is the parent of Bella (Dance '17) and Chloe (Dance '18), and was influential in the production of The Academy's website.

The interview focuses on Tom's process and inspirations photographing performances and students at The Academy, and how a website could be built in real-time with these images as a foundation.

Watch the video, or listen to the entire 30 minute interview here.