Isabelle Gillman - Music

Isabelle and Sharon

Isabelle and Sharon

Isabelle Gillman (Music ‘17) received a scholarship to attend Washington University in St. Louis in August! Sharon, Izzy’s mother never regrets Izzy’s decision to transfer to The Academy after her freshman year.

“We came to look at The Academy during the summer after 8th grade. Izzy had been playing piano since she was 5, but had decided to go high school closer to home with her childhood friends. During her freshman year, the thought of going to school at The Academy was gnawing at her and she insisted on applying. It took a lot of guts to switch schools, make new friends, and travel one and a half hours to school every day, but I am so glad she did.”

Good luck to you next year, Izzy! Thank you to the Gillmans for being part of the Academy community.

“The Academy is wonderful, small, nurturing environment. She has excelled both academically and musically. It is so special that on a daily basis my daughter is surrounded by other emerging artists her age and they all feed off each other. The faculty and administration have always been so warm and friendly, and they assisted Izzy in accomplishing her goal of going to Washington University. She’s learned so much.”