Izzy Chern - Theatre

Izzy Chern (Theatre ‘17) is headed to the University of Denver where she will double major in theatre and psychology!

“It took me a while to realize that failure is my biggest strength. The more I failed, the more I grew. You hear a lot of people telling you to fail, but it’s scary! But you have to do it. The more I took risks, the more I learned something. I can only go forward at that point. I think that has made me the actor that I am.”

Izzy particularly enjoyed two shows she acted in her senior year and will miss her classmates in the Theatre Department.

Izzy Tom Mohr_opt.jpg

“I really enjoyed Noises Off!, and I think the ensemble work helped me grow. We had to lean on each other. If one person missed a move, the whole thing would be off. It built up a lot of trust. But the show that meant the most to me was our Senior Show. The other four graduating seniors have been my greatest inspiration throughout the past four years. They have pushed me, and we’ve supported each other. That is something that I really value at this school. You have your little community, and you have people that truly, deeply care about you, and will do anything to make sure you succeed.

The Senior Show was incredibly empowering, and we had a great response from the audience. The theme was femininity, and it included some difficult things to hear about being a woman and what that experience is. People would approach us after the show in tears and thank us for sharing that message, which was really special. I love when the work matters.”

Good luck, Izzy!