Colin Heino: Sophomore Transfer to Senior Dancer

Photo by Thomas Mohr Photography

Photo by Thomas Mohr Photography

By Laura Heino
Mother of Colin (Dance ‘19)

Colin had just gotten settled in his new suburban high school when he was presented with the opportunity to attend The Academy. His Dad and I were sold after one conversation with Randy Duncan and one visit to the school. But Colin wasn't as excited as we were. Attending The Academy would mean leaving his current high school and dance company, where his passion and love for dance had blossomed to knowing that dancing professionally was what he wanted in his future. We all agreed to give The Academy a try for one year. That was nearly three years ago.


The Academy has provided Colin with an absolutely amazing high school experience. The faculty in the Dance Department has contributed to Colin's growth as a dancer in so many ways - each has provided him with instruction, guidance, and affirmation that has allowed him to stretch beyond what he thought he could do as an artist. The academic faculty is comprised of remarkable individuals who embrace the experience of teaching young artists to be great thinkers, too. The students are equally as remarkable, each not only supporting their friends but also pushing them to work hard and follow their dreams. As parents, we truly think The Academy is a magical place where young artists grow as individuals in immeasurable ways. At the end of year one we maintained our agreement with Colin and asked him if he wanted to continue at The Academy, to which he responded:

"Are you joking? There is no other place for me. The Academy is where I belong."