Jordyn Lando - Dance '18


“I love the energy at The Academy. Everyone has the same goal and work ethic. And if someone doesn’t have that initially, they eventually get pushed or inspired to work as hard as the people around them. It’s amazing being at a school with people who all have the same determination and willingness to fight for a future in the arts. I will always remember the experience of performing on professional stages with my peers, and seeing the reaction of amazement from the audience — that we are high schoolers but we are performing like professionals. And I’ll never forget the dance parties we have in the Dance Department after we get out of rehearsal. I will never forget my ballet teacher Ms. Rast.”

Congratulations to Jordyn Lando who will graduate from the Dance Department in a couple of weeks! Jordyn is off to Indiana University to study dance and exercise science. She is grateful for the discipline and self-determination she feels has grown in her throughout her four years at The Academy.


“My peers and I know we have to stay as focused on our school work as we do on our art form. We learn a lot about time management — learning how to make time for self, school, social, and the arts. Some people see our responsibilities as a lot for a highschool student. It is. But through your four years here, you learn what you have to do for what you love.”

She sees the same determination throughout all students within the Academy community.

“This is a hard-working community. And I mean “community”, because we all help each other with advice, homework, opinions, or in dance with getting the step right. And you see the hard work that goes into the final artwork. We all know that it is not easy to be an artist in the real world, so we all have that fight to become the best.”

Good luck next year, Jordyn!