2019 Art Matters Gala

Dear Friends,

Last Saturday we honored Chicago Academy for the Arts alum Justin Tranter at our 2019 Art Matters Gala, and it was a night we’ll never forget.

The outpouring of support for our community was enormous. Generous donors like you raised more than $650,000 in support of our students, teachers, and programs — far and away the most successful fundraising event in our history.

For their incredible commercial success and world-changing activism, we presented Justin with the 2019 Leadership and Legacy Award. Their speech, which explores community, collaboration, and confidence, is deeply moving and inspirational. “Being an artist and an activist can be grueling,” they said. “But I realized ... at this school, how much joy there can be in fighting the good fight. I highly recommend that everyone finds the joy of the fight, especially during these trying times. Simply being joyful is an act of resistance.”

I urge you to watch every moment of Justin’s speech below.

It’s not too late to support the 2019 Art Matters Gala in honor of Justin Tranter. If you are able, please donate by clicking here.

With enormous gratitude,

Jason Patera
Head of School

Pictures by Madi Ellis and Michele Graham