Jeremiah Mason - Media Arts '19

Jeremiah Mason graduated from the Media Arts Department and will pursue an opportunity to work on a film with The University of Chicago (an extension of a short documentary he made about Laquan McDonald). In addition, he is planning on interning at WTTW, Cinespace Film Studio, and more. After his gap year, he plans to attend DePaul University with a concentration in directing and a minor in screenwriting. Jeremiah’s mother Danielle will miss the family she has created at The Academy.


“I love the warmth when you walk through the doors. Only Academy parents understand what other parents go through when your child attends this great establishment. Our lives become busy the moment our child walks through the doors. From red carpet events for each department, volunteering events, rigorous schedules, and assisting with anything that is needed, all parents gain a few family members to have a shoulder to lean on for support and a listening ear. I’ve made amazing life-long friends that I’d drop whatever I’m doing to help them if they needed me. That’s the kind of community that has been established for all of the students at The Academy, but the parents have it as well.”

Danielle and Jeremiah especially felt a strong connection with the Media Arts Department.

“Attending the Media Arts shows and seeing Jeremiah’s films has been unforgettable, and my favorite experience as a parent. To see Jeremiah working day in and day out on his artwork, and it being presented for the rest of the class and parents to see is a great bonus to seeing the growth of Jeremiah. I will always cherish each and every one of those moments. As an animator and filmmaker, he has been able to learn and utilize his talents and skills every day. It’s safe to say that even though most teens don’t enjoy homework, he does, especially when it has to do with creating film. And being able to learn the arts at their age puts them ahead of the majority of their peers outside of The Academy. Why wouldn’t any parent want that for their child? Due to The Academy’s curriculum, he has worked with Gallery 37 for film, visited WCIU, and worked and met with news affiliates from various networks.”

Congratulations Jeremiah!

“The most rewarding aspect of the Academy life and education is who my son has grown into by being a part of this community. I wish other parents knew that The Academy will encourage their kids to use their talents to change the lives of everyone they come in contact with. It's not often schools and the people within them encourage youth to be different, to change what they see is wrong, to respect each other even if they disagree, and to find common ground to work together and move forward. These are lessons that people learn later in life or never learn. The Academy is an amazing school where students will be exposed to creativity that makes them better individuals.”