Jacques Agbobly - Visual Arts '16

There’s always someone there for you.
Someone always has my back.
— Jacques Agbobly (Visual Arts, ‘16).


Congratulations to Jacques who is off to Parsons School of Design in New York to study fashion! Jacques has brought spirit to The Academy Visual Arts Department since his first day. Additionally, it has been great to haveJacques involved in areas outside his chosen discipline, including this year’s AIDS Benefit, Luminarts Speech Contest, and production of The Academy EP.

He’ll definitely miss his teachers. “The Academy is a lot of work and dedication. But artistically and academically my peers and teachers have pushed me to reach my potential. My teachers aren’t here every day as a 9-5 job. They are passionate about teaching. Your teachers are going to dedicate their time and effort to you.”

But most of all he’ll miss being at the school everyday.

“I’ll miss the community the most. This was the only community I felt like I belonged in, where I could grow as an artist, and where people cared on deep level about who I was as a person. Now I can step back and say that I have a really grown since I started here.”

Congratulations Jacques!

Photo by Thomas Mohr Photography.