Sydney Jones - Dance '16

The biggest thing I believe Sydney received from the Academy was how well it prepared her academically and artistically.
— Corinne Joness

“Academically she was awarded the Dean's Academic Scholarship and was accepted into the Honors College at Point Park University. Artistically she received an even bigger scholarship - which means we will be paying less for college each year than we did for high school. That is pretty amazing, and it's due to the fact that she was so well prepared in both areas. The Academy prepares them for life. It gives them confidence, independence, poise, and the ability to think and articulate clearly. We will miss The Academy terribly and all it has given her. We have all truly grown from her time here.”

Congratulations to Sydney Jones and her family on graduation! Sydney (Dance, ‘16) is off to Point Park University in Pittsburgh next year and The Academy couldn’t be happier for her. Sydney has been integral to the Dance Department these last four years. This January she helped choreograph the Senior Dance Show, and the department selected her piece “If You’re Thinking of Letting Me Go” to be reprised at the Spring Dance Concert.

Both academically and artistically, the teachers prepare you to ask difficult questions as to why things are they way they are. It wasn’t just about memorizing information. I think that will really help me in the future
— Sydney Jones | Dance 16

We are thankful to have spent four years with Sydney. We are thrilled that she and her family feel the same.

Sydney will miss the Academy community and her teachers.

Good luck to Sydney next year! We’ll miss you too!