Helpful Hints For Your Dance Audition

Helpful Hints For Your Dance Audition

From Academy Dance Chair Randy Duncan

If you are enthusiastic about dancing at The Academy, make sure to keep these suggestions in mind during the audition. We look forward to meeting you!

1. Torso, Arms, Hips, Legs and Feet

As dance instructors at The Academy we ask ourselves a few initial questions during your audition. Can you isolate your torso and hips? Can you point your feet in the shape of a banana or cashew? How high can you extend your legs? Up to your shoulders or over your head? We pay close attention to these specifics, so make sure you do too!

2. Elevation and Balance

How high can you jump? Can you balance on one leg? If so, how many turns can you do? Balance and turnout are often criticized during an Academy dance audition. At what degree are your legs turned out? 180 or somewhere in-between? Can you work in a complete 5th position (toe touching opposite heel with legs turned out). Pay attention to balance and technique!

3. Alignment, Alignment, Alignment

Alignment is the single most important criticism we note when viewing prospective dance students. This is part and parcel of the dancer's technique and therefore looked at decisively. Prospective Academy dancers need to work on creating a flat line with their body.

4. Stick to what is important.

Don’t worry too much about executing the combination. We know you are still learning and it is possible you will misjudge the combination at some point. That is not what you are here for! Focus on executing the proper technique.

5. Have fun, and show us who you are!

For your own two-minute piece, don’t be afraid to show us what you’ve got, regardless of style. We use this time to determine who you are, your strengths, and the styles that get you excited about dance. Whether it is tap, hip-hop, or ballet, just do it and have fun with it. We’re looking for technique, drive, and passion. Keep the same mindset for your interview. Be yourself and tell us what you love about dance!

Randy Duncan
Chair – Dance Department
The Chicago Academy for the Arts