Elana Lee - Music '18


Elana Lee will attend Hofstra University in New York in the fall! She has been admitted into the music program and received academic and music scholarships. Elana and her family moved to Chicago from New York hoping to transfer to a school with smaller class sizes where she could build on her strength — her love of music. For three years Elana has loved the opportunity to play her flute in many different venues and with different styles of music, as well as the opportunity to make great friends. Elana’s mother Mindy has loved being part of the Academy community as a parent liaison to the Music Department and member of Gala committees.

“I will miss being involved with this very special place. I met some fabulous people and some very talented, awesome kids. I truly enjoyed working with everyone. The staff is dedicated and talented. Jason and Judith took the time to get to know me, and I loved working with them on fundraising projects. I loved walking in the building and being able to say “hello” to Mr. Jackson, Ms. Caraway, Kyna, Rose Colella, and many more. In a way, The Academy provided a home for me as well. When we moved here, I didn’t know anybody. I loved meeting all the amazing parents — some of whom have become friends.”


But mostly, Mindy has appreciated the art she has witnessed and Elana has created during their tenure at The Academy.

“I loved pulling up to the building and hearing all forms of music and art streaming through the windows. And I will never forget watching Elana improve as an artist. She had her Senior Recital in early April, and my family flew in from the east coast to see her. When she played her classical pieces I felt like she was going to fly away with her notes. It was amazing and beautiful to watch her work hard and set her mind to achieving a goal.”

We’re so happy to have Elana, Mindy, and their family as part of The Academy. Elana hopes to become a music therapist after college. Good luck back home in New York, Elana!