Olivia Mulholland - Visual Arts '18

“I love the city of Baltimore and MICA has an amazing painting program. I’m so excited to live more independently and be able to travel around the East Coast.”

Congratulations to Olivia Mulholland will be attending Maryland Institute College of Art this fall!


Olivia’s favorite exhibition at The Academy was her Senior Show in March, where she debuted 16 new paintings that she started and finished just this year.

“I was so happy to show everything I had been working towards for the year and to have a defined artistic statement. My favorite piece is called “Mamah” which is a portrait of my younger brother’s birth mother. For the work, I took the only existing photo of her and placed my brother at his current age alongside her. The piece had a large personal and emotional meaning. It was really a humbling experience to paint.”

We’ll miss Olivia in the Visual Arts Department and around the school. She’ll look back fondly on the Department’s first show of the year, the Figure Drawing Exhibition.

“My favorite memory of my time at The Academy is my first week of figure drawing class as a freshman. At first I was terrified, but I fell in love with the practice within the first five minutes. At the end of the week, I was exhausted, but really proud of the work I had created, and the larger show that my department had put up. Overall, I will miss The Academy greatly and always cherish the memories and opportunities it has given me.”